Could diamonds be more than just an engagement ring, a wedding band or a birthday gift?

Could there be more to diamonds than just a symbol of financial and social status?

Could a diamond be a message, an instrument of the Divine?

What if there is a correlation between the reflection of light inside the diamond and your thought process?

An introduction to the journey of a diamond from the depths of the earth all the way to your finger paralleled to the depth of your Soul all the way into the palm of your hands. Learn what the Diamond can teach us about ourselves, our mind, our Soul and our bodies. A fun and educational conversation packed with real-life experiences and profound spiritual meaning explained in simple terms with realistic and applicable suggestions.


Learn how a Diamond can help you understand yourself and improve your life right now. Learn how a simple meditation can help quiet down the mind and start hearing the whispers of your Soul.


Diamonds are mined from the depths of the earth and undergo cutting and polishing process to bring out there best. Similarly, humans go through circumstances that will help one become a better version of oneself.

Hence, Kaprielian narrates his own experiences relating to the instructions of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, who created and developed Meditation on Twin Hearts, which is about purifying the mind from negative thinking and making better decisions.

Kaprielian aims for readers to realize how the processes a diamond undergo relate to the hardships humans encounter through his book, You Are a DIAMOND: Seeing Your Life Like a Diamond.

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Yvan Kaprielian 

Yvan Kaprielian has an Armenian heritage and was born and raised in Paris. He moved to the United States in 1988. His three decades of knowledge in diamonds started in retailing diamonds before opening a factory in New York City’s Diamond District.

Because of his passion for diamonds, he generated a theory that in every piece, there is a story. Alongside the mentoring of Master Choa Kok Sui, his self-awareness deepened.
You Are a DIAMOND Seeing Your Life Like a Diamond is Kaprielian’s first book in a planned three volumes.


Your life is the Diamond. What about the Master cutter? Who is he? He is YOU! You are the Master cutter of your life. There are millions of diamonds available, but there’s only one like YOU. So, take responsibility and take control. Map out what you want your life to be, take the initial step, monitor the process, balance out all your facets, receive the Divine Light, and show the world your magnificent brilliance.

Let’s dive into the essence of the spirit. When practicing Twin Hearts meditation, you increase the entry point of the Pillar of Light. Your ability to receive and reflect Light depends on your degree of purity, which is also connected to your degree of receptivity.

The circulation of this energy has a great cleansing, soothing, and calming effect on your system. You will feel it almost immediately, and you will feel peace.

This is your first step to Enlightenment